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I dont get all the uproar, this happens all the time to other clubs.

Dont see any mass media outcry when Wesley has this done to him for Villa (but worse) last season (he's still not back)? Also lost our keeper to the same injury in the same game (accidental).
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Originally Posted by Jez View Post
I dont get all the uproar, this happens all the time to other clubs.
It really doesn't. It is a claim that has been made a lot since Saturday - mainly by people trying to defend Pickford and the refs - that "those sort of tackles happen in every game every week" and it is a complete fallacy to the point of being dangerous. They are, for most players, extremely rare whilst for some they seem like 2nd nature.

I am just waiting to see a completely different reaction from the FA when, an undeterred, Pickford does exactly the same thing to Kane putting him out of the Euros

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