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Awaiting a package
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Google Nexus Q

$299 feels over-priced given the other devices on the market already.


Also seems to be creating a bit of a blur with the existing, if not very successful, Google TV stuff.
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From the specs page it sounds like a bizarre mish-mash of a device, and one that's massively overpriced for it. If I understand correctly, it has no remote control in the box, instead you must already own an Android tablet or phone, and it has no usb or external storage connection device of any kind, so you cannot use it to display any media you might have stored locally. It does however feature an amplifier and banana plugs to connect speakers to it!

It's a $300 box that allows you to stream content from Google Play, which I'm guessing you have to pay for on top.
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What does it do that a Ł20 Raspberry Pi + XBMC can do?


It's dead in the water before it has even launched.
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This wired article gives an in depth overview of the product and its features: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/...-revealed/all/

Will it work outside the US, though? I haven't kept up with Google Music, but I tought it wasn't available here yet. So that would "nerf" one of the possible music sources right there.

The ability to play a song for 24 hours after the guest who left it is gone is kinda nice. But it's definitely more an experimental social device than somthing that fills a real need.

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