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Just saw this tonight and loved it!

I really liked the reality aspect to the build up and although the lead character was vaguely annoying it was all part of her make-up, so I let that slide and just got involved with the narrative.
I wasn't mad keen on the ending, but when it follows 10 minutes of
then HELL who the **** am I to complain?!?

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charlie angel
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I watched this last night as well & thoroughly enjoyed it; very effectively shot & the short running time kept everything tight.
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I haven't read the whole thread, but has anybody watched the Blu-ray of this ?

The SD looks and sounds excellent, but I'm going to Germany soon where [Rec] is out on BD and if it's a considerable improvement I might pick it up.
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Finally got round to watching this. Aye it's wicked. Didn't realise that it was remade almost immediately (Quarantine).
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Watched this last night for the first time. A well-deserved thumbs up from me

The middle part lagged a bit. I thought the...

That end scene though .. I think it equals the time I first saw Ringu. Very tense indeed.
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