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Celebrity Rehab - what can one say?

anyone seen this yet ?

on in the US on VH1

like all the other reality shows but have 'celebrities' checking into a clinic to sort themselves out re. drugs/drinks. Only recognise:-

Jeff Conaway - Kenickie from Grease/bloke from Taxi

one of the 'Baldwins' (fat one from Homicide LOTS)

Brigitte Nielson

man/woman WWF person Chyna

porn actress

others x 4

it's the usual stuff that'll show up on ITV4, but very addictive - watched 4 episodes in one day

article here in the Gruaniad


weirdly depressing and funny at the same time
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I keep meaning to watch an episode of this just because I'm a fan of Dr Drew, he's cool.
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Mary Carey is
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