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The Mindy Project

Just noticed there is no thread for this. No love for this show?

It has just returned for a third series and as enjoyable ever. Love the relationship between the two leads.

Any other fans here?
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The Bear
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I absolutely can't stand her in any way shape or form whatsoever.

So that's a no from me.....
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Watched the first couple of episodes when it started. Don't think I laughed once. Has it got any better?
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It's ok. Mindy herself is pretty annoying as a character. Some of the supporting cast are pretty good though. Adam Pally has been a welcome addition and Mark Duplass is good when he occasionally pops up. Easy watching with the wife.
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Me and the missus LOVE this. Was watching S2 via E4 but both S1 and S2 are on Netflix Canada so we're marathoning it via that.

Love Mindy Kaling in pretty much anything.
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Yep - one of my favourite USA shows. Decent supporting cast (although the ex-con nurse gets on my nerves in almost every scene he's in), and Mindy is lovely.
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