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Not 1 but 2 new Judge Dredd movies!

Blimey! Yesterday we had news of a directors cut of the woeful Stallone version of Dredd. Today i bring news of two new Judge Dredd movies. Both films are going to ignor the earlier film.

( story pinched from comic2film.com )

A few months back Comics2Film told fans to expect a 2000AD's Judge Dredd to make a cinematic comeback. Today's Variety reports that a deal is in place for the futuristic lawman's return.

Shoreline Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Rebellion to produce two movies based on the popular U.K. character. Shoreline's Morris Ruskin and Vicki Pike will produce with Rebellion's Jason Kingsley and Andy Predergast.

The two films will be shot back-to-back. First up in the deal is Judge Dredd: Dredd Reckoning. According to the write up, that picture has Dredd "losing confidence in the corrupt legal system." The follow up movie will be called Judge Dredd: Possession and sports Judge Death as the villain who possesses Dredd's partner.

The movies will not be sequels to the reviled Sylvester Stallone flick of the mid-1990's. "We are reinventing the franchise by taking it back to the edge and style of the original comic book," Ruskin told Variety.

Pike talked about the the character's potential as a franchise stating, "There are thousands of Judge Dredd stories, so there is endless material available to work with. It will also be easier to brand the movies by presenting them back-to-back."
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Dredd is good. Shame about the Sly version, I would love to see a decent version done.

An ABC Robots film would also be great!
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And keep the helmet on this time!

I want a Zenith film myself
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Dredd is by far the most well know 2000AD character but you will never translate the character accurately into film - he’s too much of a cipher to work in live action. Now Strontium Dog, that’s a story which would work amazingly well as it has a beginning, middle and end.

Dredd would be best served by animation in the same way that Warners handled the Batman animated series.
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I must be alone in liking the Stallone movie. It isn't the film that I would have made, but it was a good attempt.

the main problem with it was that for much of the movie, Dredd wasn't a judge at all.
A bit like having a Batman movie where the character spends the first 5 minutes and the last ten minutes as Batman, and the rest of the time as Bruce Wayne.

Dredd is a judge. It's what he is and what he does. This is why I wasn't too thrilled to hear that the first story will revolve around him losing faith in the judge system. Audiences who don't know Dredd need to see a couple of films with him doing what he does best, before this "crsisis of faith" thing will have any dramatic impact.

For my money the first film should be the robot revolution (Judges working together to fight an army of killer robots lead by an insane leader) and then the Dark Judges film.

(And maybe we'll finally get to hear Jerry Goldsmith do the music for a Dredd film)
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Kewl - i hope they do a good job - i love this character - and used to buy 2000Ad religiously - stopped buying in '93. What's it like now - anyone still buy it?
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Useless fact: My girlfriends brother was an extra in Dredd. You can see him just behind Stallone in one scene but I cant for the life of me remember which scene right now! :rolleyes:
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I think Vin Diesel of Pitch Black would make a great Dredd.
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Originally posted by Rohail
I think Vin Diesel of Pitch Black would make a great Dredd.
So does the editor of 2000ad!
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Diesel's a bit young to play Old Stony Face isn't he?

Personally, I feel Brian Thompson would be kind of cool.
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