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There making a T.V. show out of a film that was based on a T.V. Show!

From Dark Horizions
Traffic: The Mini-Series: FilmJerk has details on Studios USA and their plans for a new six-part mini-series for US cable television. The show will be based on the Steven Soderbergh movie which itself was based on a Channel 4 mini-series entitled "Traffik", but none of those involved with either production are a part of this show which will be helmed by Aussie Director Stephen Hopkins ("Lost in Space" movie, TV's "24"). Three separate storylines will make up the action, the first involving a DEA agent who disappears whilst in Afghanistan leaving a wife back home whose desperate to find him and a teenage son whose falling into the drug world. The other two follow a young Harvard MBA who lost all his father's money and is now working in the fashion industry where a seductive model has enticed him, and an illegal immigrant taxi driver who wants payback when the boat carrying his family sinks with all hands lost.
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Uhhh... WHY?!
We had enough.
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I can see them some day doing the opposite with Buffy...

Film -> TV Show -> Film.

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Traffic was crap

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I thought Stephen Hopkins was English?? :confused:

Anyhow if it's anywhere as good as the film and '24' then bring it on
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The Channel 4 original 'traffik' was a stunning piece of television though. The film was very much a cut down re make.

I'd be very very surprised if the new version surpase's it.
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Traffic was one of the most overrated movies ever IMHO - very closely followed by everthing else that Soderbergh has ever made.
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