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Not to my knowledge anyone climbed on the boat or gantry at any other gig but that explains why Flake did a really short run at Nottingham but went all he way around the sound desk at the O2.

The one who walked on the gantry swung off it like he was rocket propelled when the road crew who came across the gantry made a grab for him. Both the mohican nearest the small stage and the other guy who actually walked on the gantry were both ejected there and then from the venue when they dropped back to the floor.

Why pay £50 to only see half the concert?. If either of those idiots had fallen and hurt themselves it would have put Rammsteins whole show in jeopardy. MUPPETS. Good riddance they were immediately ejected from the venue (same as 2 idiots who threw a couple of bottles at the O2 gig - immediately ejected by security)

Rammsteins crew were really p*s**d-annoyed it was taking ShowSec so long to get them down! Then at the end of the gig when Rammstein used it to go back to the main stage there was a whole row of yellow polo shirts underneath it!

No fake stuff at Nottingham, O2 or Brixton Acc in the last year or so. Outside Nottingham they were even chasing the ticket touts across the road completely away from the venue.

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