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90210 Season 4 US Pace *spoilers*

Well, after the last (really quite good) season was capped with a craptacular finale I wasn't going to bother with Season 4 but I was bored so...
More of the same with the usual fabulous US soap contrivances of rich white people problems! I love how they all basically now live in a mansion together and Navid and Silver complain about "raising a teenager" (his sister) when they are what, 18 themselves? Only on tv!
I don't know what the hell they can do with Adriana's character as she's irredeemable. Based on what happens in this season opener they're setting her up to be even worse this year! I hope so as a show like this needs someone to really hate (I have Annie but I'm guessing the true target audience actually likes the insipid little twit)!
Now we have to wait for the inevitable death of Raj (which seems a tad cruel) and well, not much else really.
I know I'll keep watching even though I thought I was done with this crap back in May! Somehow it's always the first thing I want to watch even though I know it's terrible!
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5 mins in and it is brilliant.

Where the writers come up with this dynamite is beyond me.

"I almost rented a horse." wasn't even the best line of the episode.

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I heard that they recruited the writers straight out of high school special ed classes this year for added authenticity, which really shows dedication to the craft.
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I am not even ashamed to admit that i love this show. The fact that they all miraculously aren't going to to college unless it is on their doorstep had me jumping for joy.

The guy who played raj showed what a true thespian he is by going bald.
At least, they cut the crap ending from last season very quickly.
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I'll be back into watch it, but i think i'll just stick to E4, not worth the effort of watching it early!
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90210, Season 4

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