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Originally Posted by Harsin View Post
I'd still prefer to get a lapdance from Holly valance like Bellick did.
Best season 2 moment for me.

Well that and T-Bags crap new hand
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Originally Posted by mamboboy View Post
If you didn't catch the 'NEXT TIME ON PRISON BREAK' at the end of the episode then it led you to believe he was removing him from the prison because he was too much of a risk.:/
yes but it doesn't take a fool to work out he would be questioned or put in solitary. not released. deffo want what you've been smoking...
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Alan b
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Originally Posted by Porsmond View Post
Sorry to invade this topic, but does anyone know why Prison Beak didnt restart on Sky One Monday?? It was definatly meant to start again January 21st, as I clearly remember seeing it advertised,
The first trailers Sky ran for the return of the series did say the 21st but they changed the date in the later ones to the 28th.
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Good lord, struggled to get through this, this week
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Guest 10592
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It's definitely been downgraded to the Smallville-level priority of my TV viewing schedule - ie, it's there and I'll eventually get around to watching it when I can be bothered.

A real shame because S1 was excellent even S2 had some good moments, but now it's just a chore.
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Real shame what's happened to the show. Remember back in S1? Was right up there with the likes of Heroes and 24 as shows you had to watch. S1 was great, S2 was poor but had some good eps, and S3 has just been a mess.
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Sadly, tt's just become yet another example of a show that's gone on too long.
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hey guys, only started watching this in november and have now watched seasons 1 & 2, thing is, really hooked and need to see it from episode 1 series 3, is there any way i can catch up and when dya rekon it'll come out on DVD?
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Prison Break Season 3

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