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Nexus Player


Seems like a good alternative to the Amazon Fire TV (especially if you can run Amazon Instant Video on it).

It's going to cost $99, so I'd be interested to see what it'll cost in £s.
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If they follow every other company it will cost £99 hahaha.
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I picked one of these up on Monday and am surprised there is so little interest on this forum for it. It is a really nice device have installed Kodi and set up some smart DNS. Even have Amazon Instant working through Kodi although the interface looks jank compared to a native app.

I am very impressed with it apart from the lack of apps thinking of getting a Fire TV box as well for the bedroom to mix and match and between the two I think I would have all the services I need.

One really annoying thing though, which i did not see posted anywhere prior to purchasing, is that netflix is 2 channel stereo only. This is really annoying would be fine in the bedroom but on my main set up in the living room it is just plain horrid.

The only issue that I have with Kodi is that I can't get DTS working for local files, DD works fine.

Edit got DTS working the option to enable it was in a strange place.

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