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ReadyNas Duo to what?

I have a ReadyNas Duo (old but very reliable) that is to be the base for my home media, I have music and film on this but stored just as files.

Now what would be the best way to get the content from the NAS onto my screen, I have a Sony TV had had "some" success browsing direct from the TV to the NAS, however this is flakey and not all file formats can be read by the TV, I was thinking maybe an Apple TV and installing iTunes on the NAS, has anyone experience of this?

My only other requirement would be native apps for Netflix and Lovefilm, I am also thinking of pairing this with a YouView box so don't need anything to handle the recording of live TV extra.

Thanks in adavance
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Apple TV is a load of bobbins for what you want, you'll run into the same issues you have with your TV in that it's very choosy what formats it will play.

The best, but not cheapest solution would be a small form factor PC running XBMC, if you're looking for a cheaper option then a WDTV is a simple solution that also plays everything.

Other options

-The Little Black Box (also XBMC)
-Boxxee box, discontinued but cheap, works well as a local streamer on it's own and is now moddable with some hacks and can be modded to run XBMC.
-Popcorn Hour.

I'm sure some others will add suggestions.

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Would be better off getting rid of the Netgear Ready NAS and buying a Synology DS214 play. It will then be able to transcode all the media for your Sony TV to play directly.
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Hmmm, have always been toying with replacing the NAS, is the upgrade to the DS214play worth it given what I am looking to do with it?

If in the future I am looking to replace the TV, what would I need to look at, just any with a ethernet port and DNLA compliant?
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Couldn't you pick up a ps3 on the cheap to do what you need ?
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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden View Post
Couldn't you pick up a ps3 on the cheap to do what you need ?
PS3 won't play MKVs without transcoding as far as I am aware. I am in pretty much the same boat as the OP. PS3 will give you Netflix/Youtube so ticks off that box, though. I bought a PS3 recently for this purpose.

I currently have an old Xbox (Original) running XBMC running in to my current SD CRT to support MKV, but I suspect I won't bother with streaming off the NAS at all any more once I have retired that as I barely use it any more.

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I use a Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc connected to my ReadyNas Duo over an AFP connecting and it is faultless.

Add new content to the Duo, refresh XBMC on the Pi and off you go.
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