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Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forwards

Does anyone know what the latest info is on this sequel to QL?
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Alan b
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There isn't much on the IMDB about it..
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Good to see that Scott Bakula is now confirmed (as much as the info is correct).
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A Bold Leap Forward not on 2006 Schedule

At the National Press Club Luncheon today (4/19/06) Scott was specifically asked about a QL movie being in the works. His answer was short and ademant. "NO.........not at this time."
I doubt this will ever be made

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There's a new interview with SB on the BBC website and the following quesiton was put to SB him:

Are there any plans to resurrect either Enterprise or Quantum Leap, given the regular rumours that both are due to return either as TV movies or features?

And his answer was: "None that I know of."

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Still nothing

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Wasn't this supposed to be fast tracked years ago when Universal made Tremors into a TV series as they has a deal with a US network?
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