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[Blu-ray] Blood The Last Vampire, anime OR live action £7.48 each

I've always liked the anime and the Blu version seems to be pretty good, but paying full whack for what is essentially a short was never gonna happen.

So here it is at Amazon.co.uk for a mere £7.48.

Also, they've got the recent live action version for the same price. Never seen it, read some middling reviews, but worth a punt for £7.48.
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Picked up the DVD of the anime a few months back, its well done and all but as you say extremely short. Good price and all for the anime BD but I'd encourage anyone that buys it on the basis that they enjoy anime to make sure they know exactly what there getting before going for this.
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I'm a fan of the anime version and have the DVD already and wouldn't expect that to be far off from the BR version. But missed the live action at the cinema, so nice spot on that, I think for £7.48 you can't go wrong on such a new release..

...I know I'm going to regret saying that.

So saying that, I've gone for it anyway...thanks opening post.
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Gone for the live action version as it has been on my shortlist for a while

I have the Korean LE of the anime and that'll do as it's 'okay' but is a little short.
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Originally Posted by Ste7en View Post
Gone for the live action version as it has been on my shortlist for a while
ditto! thanks to OP
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Guest 54308
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Thanks, love the anime and well worth the upgrade to BD for that price.
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Anyone know what region code these are?
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Originally Posted by DCH View Post
Anyone know what region code these are?
According to review here... http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/CapsuleRev...2009/10#p71734 Anime version is All regions
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Don't buy the live action film, it's utter utter ****. It has terrible acting and script so you of course want good action. Of course Gianna can't fight for **** so it's terrible quick cut editing and it completely kills any excitement for the film. Easily one of the worst films I've seen this year other than Streetfighter The Legend Of Chun Li.
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Anime, Blood The Last Vampire, blu-ray

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