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This would have been perfect for Netflix, why the hell didn't they pick it up? Meanwhile The Walking Dead will be back for a 9th season where you can guarantee about four-hour's worth of plot and character development is stretched paaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnnfullly across 16 episodes of 40-70min episodes, but a show like Ash vs Evil Dead where the producers know less is more, sinks without a trace.

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Originally Posted by The Bear View Post
This season has been a little bit meh, but still very watchable.
Finally caught up with S3, and I agree - not as good as the previous 2 by quite a margin, imo. And that's despite Naked Lady and Large Lady, and some great set pieces, although I did wonder if the final episode ate up most of the series' budget.
And as others said, a very intriguing Westworld-style ending (and cool cgi) ... if only that had come midway through S3!
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For anyone who still hasn't seen this, S1 is on Netflix now.
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For anyone who still hasn't seen this, you damn well should.
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