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CPU and GPU naming - time for a sensible update?

Just reading about Intel’s latest i9-9980XE...!!!!

Hopefully this means they need to completely reboot the number naming, and go with something more sensible than this i3 i5 i7 business that’s been going for a decade and still confuses me.

Not as crazy as GPU numbering which still bewilders me. The last few times I’ve bought a new graphics card, I’ve spent half a day researching them just to figure out what’s current, what’s good and what’s good value.
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Chris Locke
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This is where the 'CPU Benchmark' list comes in handy.

Where I used to work, as we bought PCs for staff so infrequently, we had to use the Passmark CPU mark to determine how crap someones PC was...

The high-end CPU list is also useful to determine how good a chip is. The 9980 isn't on that list...

> something more sensible than this i3 i5 i7 business that’s been going for a decade and still confuses me.

Just when you get a handle on it, they throw a curved ball with the laptop processors.
"Intel Core i3 desktop processors have four cores, but they lack support for the technologies found in higher-end CPUs - Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost.
Laptop Core i3’s are*dual-core processors which feature both Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost."
"Intel Core i5 desktop CPUs have six cores. Like Core i3 models, they don’t offer Hyper-Threading, but they do have Turbo Boost.
Laptop i5's has four cores, eight threads and Turbo Boost."

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