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[News] Vinnie Jones to play Moriarty in Elementary

Comments attached to the News 'Vinnie Jones to play Moriarty in Elementary' on Television @ The Digital Fix

Vinnie Jones is tipped to play Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes drama, Elementary.

CBS announced that Jones will appear as a British criminal, billed as "Sherlock's greatest enemy". The only details given about the character is the initial 'M'.

Professor Moriarty appeared in the Sir Arthur C...

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vinnie jones....never has there been a more lucky ex footballer....all he projects to me is common thuggery to be honest.....i cant imagine for a second he has the smarts to portray Moriarty
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I am very curious how exactly this will work, to be sure. Maybe they're doing mis-direction and this Moriarty will end up being someone else's henchman.
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Mr Flibble
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this has to be a wind-up, surely!!
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If that's correct then (a) it's ridiculous and (b) really poor show spoiling it in the thread title.
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Ha! You got it wrong!

Agree with statto, this should not have been a spoiler in the thread title.
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I think he was only ever said to have been cast as M.
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[the critics] say that about every film - that it will be my last one. My next one, in Australia, will be my 30th.

you got to hand it to him, he is a grafter
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