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I wonder what they were originally shot on and just how good that can look once upscaled.
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Doug just confirmed to me on Twitter they are using the originals, and not the new digital fx versions.
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Originally Posted by Taq View Post
Original broadcast versions please!
When they re-did the sfx a few years back, they cut out some of the jokes, which was really annoying.
I also note that they changed some of the music on the netflix versions
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Details of the Blu Ray set: http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/news/2018/12/07/red-to-blu/
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I've always bought Red Dwarf on DVD including the newer series as well so my OCD is satisfied as its all in one matching format.

To be honest, I'm quite skeptical as to how this upscaled version will look.

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Sounds like they're putting significant effort into upscaling it, but I've yet to see any SD material that looks decent when up-rezzed. Still, I don't have any of my Red Dwarf DVDs anymore and I'm sure this will look better than they did, plus the price is super cheap for how much is on there.

Also, the extra features were always absolutely excellent.
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Upres is all good and well but it's still 576p at the end of the day, you can only polish it so much. Will still be interested in what it looks like. And this set only includes the BBC shows none of the new ones?

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Yes it's just the BBC era as all the Dave series are already available on Blu Ray, so I suppose many people that would want those on Blu Ray will already have them, and they didn't want to increase the price of the set to add them.

With it being upscaled and colour graded, and with more modern encoding I've decided to go for it despite having all the original DVD releases. In particular I'm hoping series 6 looks better in this release, especially as the DVD version (but not the ones on Netflix) has black bars top and bottom on some episodes in what would have been the overscan area.
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