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Smile "Notorious" and "Rebecca" criterion editions

Hello all, I live in the UK and have a DVD player that only plays Region 2 DVD's (am thinking of getting one that is multi region later on in the year). This doesn't stop me looking through the Region 1 releases on Play.com simply because there are so many classic movies that have far better extra's on R1 than on R2.
I was wondering if any of you knew if there were any plans to release Hitchcock's "Notorious" and "Rebecca" criterion editions currently available on R1 on R2?
Any help/feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
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I would deffo advise you to get a multi region player mate, it is a must considering the wealth of films from not only R1, but also the other regions (especially R3!).

The Criterion Hitchcock's you mention are definitely the definitive versions, although they also carry Criterion's higher price tag. This excellent DVD times review by Alexander Larman states 'Rebecca' is R0 so if you have NTSC output on your TV and player, you should be able to watch it...........


Not 100% sure about 'Notorious' (even though I own it), but it may also be R0.

PS Welcome to the forums
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Thanks Tob
Will have to get a multi region player then...damn region 2!
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Just to confirm what Tob has said... Notorious is definitely Region 1 encoded, but Rebecca is region 0.
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