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Blade Runner/Rutger Hauer in Milton Keynes this Sunday

Hi chaps,

Just been reading the entertainment supplement for the local paper and it appears there will be a showing (20th Anniversary) of Blade Runner at the XScape UGC in Milton Keynes City Centre on Sunday 22nd September at 7pm. The film will feature an introduction and post screening Q&A session with Rutger Hauer. Tickets are 8 quid with proceeds going to charity. This appears to have been organised in conjunction with a Collectors fair being held in the local shopping centre and local college over the weekend (large number of Starwars actors/extras including the chaps who play Darth Maul, Boba Fett and Jango Fett in attendence). May be worth phoning in advance to check availibility of tickets.

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Damn, just spent a couple of weekends up at Milton Keynes. I don't have a reason to go again.
I wonder what version of Blade Runner they will show?

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A mate went and got me signed pics of Rutger Hauer and the Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett)
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ian turner
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"Mr Hauer you appeared in what is probably one of the greatest ever science fiction films, definitely in the top ten so what happened to your career after that that lead you to the point where you're signing autographs for money in a Milton Keynes shopping precinct?"

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Talking to someone who works with some of the organisers, and they said that Hauer had demanded a hotel "overlooking Buckingham Palace". It had better be damn tall if he also wanted it to be in the Keynes...
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this thread immediately gave me a flashback to the sci-fi conventions depicted so hilariously in the simpsons
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Or Chasing Amy: "Lando was black..." I wasn't there, I hasten to add - I was buying comics from my regular dealer, a market stall in Dunstable, and got talking.
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