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[Review] Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks - Review

Comments attached to the Review 'Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks - Review' on Television @ The Digital Fix

There are going to be spoilers, here, so unless you’ve seen it I wouldn’t read any further. You have been warned. Go and watch it on iPlayer, go on. We'll wait.

So, the first episode of the seven...

Click here to read!
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oh yes, very very much like. thisa is going to have to go up there along with remembrance as my fave dalek ep

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After a disappointing series 5 + 6, imo, a great start to the new series. Hopefully Steven Moffat has finally got his RTD era Mojo back.
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Originally posted by robneave
Adeola - the first character Freema Agyeman played.
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