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Seen his last 2 live shows (the one he is doing now he did last year also) and I know I am being tricked but it's still very clever.
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Originally Posted by Arthur Fowler View Post
Went to see his Enigma show last night. Thought it was excellent. Funny, clever and downright unfathomable!
Really? I really enjoyed the night but there wasn't really anything in the show that wasn't hard to see how it was done pretty quickly.
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Originally Posted by scoobyood View Post
I do hope we'll all be proved idiots The synopsis for tonight's show does say that he'll reveal how he did it and how we can do it too, so if it's not repeatable by some one who doesn't have several hundred grands worth of camera equipment then it's going to be big disappointment. But he'll also definitely have a confusing twist that goes beyond what he "gives away"... I'm guessing the camera trickery, which there is evidence for, is part of that.

We'll see later!

What he doing next week for us to pee all over?

Originally Posted by scoobyood View Post
I have the opposite problem. I'm usually telling people to watch Derren's programs because he's really entertaining and usually DOESN'T do ******** like that spoon bender. He's against that I tell them.. no dice, they don't care, it's "magic" so it's for kids and lame. This time however they've all heard about the stunt so either watched it and it confirmed that I'm the stupid one, or they ask me if it was any good and what was the explanation; to which I have to say, yeah it was crap.... very annoying. I don't like being posthumously made a fool of Derren.

Thank you! ... apology accepted. Only took nearly a decade.
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