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Originally Posted by LeftHandedGuitarist View Post
Star Trek: DS9 was a fantastic ending
Star Trek: TNG also good

Breaking Bad
Scrubs (season 8, not Med School)
Futurama (both the original run and then the final final episode)
Battlestar - a strong ending after a fairly weak final season
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Stargate: Universe (an unresolved cliffhanger but the show was fantastic by this point)
Parks & Rec
The Americans
Twin Peaks (original run and modern series)
Star Wars: Rebels

Somewhere in between good and bad...

Veronica Mars (didn't feel like an ending)
Deadwood (as above)
Stargate SG-1
You've got a few "unresolved cliffhangers" on there. I'd never class those as good endings, especially if the shows were as strong as they were. Can add Space: Above and Beyond to the list. Great show, cliffhanger final episode.
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Oh, I definitely think that cliffhanger endings still make for good finales. The finale of Twin Peaks (1990) is one of the finest hours of television I've seen. And Angel's unresolved ending is great fun following the very exciting bulk of the main episode.
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cliff homewood
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Yep and Blake's 7 ending was an end of season cliffhanger but it never got renewed so left us with one of the best endings, if not the best, of a tv series ever.
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It's been a few years but I seem to remember Carnivŕle's having a good cliffhanger?
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Blackadder Goes Forth last episode "Goodbyeeeee"is possibly the best ever finale for a TV show. That little "I don't want to die" speech by Hugh Laurie says it all and there is that brilliant final scene as they leap out of the trenches.

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