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cliff homewood
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advice on setting up a home network

Hi jsut buying my first place, hopefully move in around september time. SO i get to start from scratch what i want, jsut need advice what's best.

First of all already started a thread for the best tv/broadband deals, so this isn't about that, other than whos'got the best wifi range!

First of all the plan to start with - 2/3 tvs, lounge bedroom and second bedroom, but the main bedroom might as well just have a large monitor for my pc and have the tv come through that (are we long past the old square vs wave signal from the old days, now its all digital? Still got an old WinTV board knocknig about!). Main TV currently thinking secondhand Humax BT DTR-T2100 for its ability to record and rewind freeview. Bedrooms the cheap talktalk youview boxes (would one interact with a pc, or be redundant if I go for just the pc screen route, limits your ability to browse and watch tv at same time though). Then getting a couple of streaming sticks (Roku sounding the best) or a new NowTV box or even an android box, but probably the sticks as you can take them from one room to another with you. Have already bought a chromecast one as it was cheap (thanks ColinP!)

When buying equipment should it all be the same make for compatibility issues or is there a standard, as thinking a roku streaming stick in one room and a chromecast in another? So I want to be able to send films or tv programmes from the PC to one or more of the TVs (so for instance the pc signal wants to be picked up by both the roku in one room and the chromecast in another, would that be do-able? Also can these sticks send streams out like blu-ray player for instance or is it only for stream in (I suspect it is). SO yep plan to have a 3d blu-ray player in front room, may want to send signal over wifi to another room that hasn't got a bluray player? I know you can get wifi ready bluray players whatever that means.

ALso where's best to have the wifi emanate from, does upstairs or downstairs make a difference in spread of signal? Was thinking having it hard wired into the PC in my bedroom (upstairs). SO as already stated then want the various entertainment devices to be able to send signals to the variosu tvs in different rooms, or woudl it just be cheaper and easier to buy multiple bluray players?

Kitchen & bathroom, is wifi speakers a good idea, as the radio I assume is available on freeview or nowtv or net. so as long as you got a remote control you don't actually need the radio in these rooms. But again it might be cheaper and easier just to have multiple systems?

Don't want expensive kit, around Ł50 or less mark. Don't mind for instance buying the plugin wifi singal boosters if necessary, but am starting to wonder whether it might actually be cheaper and easier just to double up on things and have separate radios etc in the various rooms as opposed to one network and remote controls that can change things by sending signals through the wifi.
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I realise this is well after you have asked but some musing from a Noob
I am in the process of trying to configure a home server but before this I streamed everything from my PC as so:
in the living room: TV/Xbox/bluray player all connected to a 4 port switch with a long Ethernet cable to the router and they can see all movies etc on PC as a simple share
The shares are also visible to laptops (and the tvs) over wifi
Upstairs I install a wifi booster (limited benefit I suspect) and the bedroom TV sees the shares over wifi; freeview box also has wired internet connection

No consideration of brand etc as DNLA and wifi is all a standard
if decorating you might want to consider dropping Cat5 around the house?
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