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Originally Posted by Shingster View Post
How the **** do you get THAT from what I posted?
The only people who don't know what happened at the end of the last film are those who haven't seen it, surely ?
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Again: What the hell are you talking about? You've now replied twice so it can no longer be that you simply quoted the wrong post! Look, I'll even remind you what I wrote:

Originally Posted by Shingster View Post
Completely impossible to cut a trailer for this film that doesn't make it pretty damn obvious what went down at the end of the last film considering what exactly went down, don't you think?
This comment was in response to someone complaining about spoilers for IW in the Endgame trailer. It is me pointing out that you can't really cut a trailer to Endgame that makes any kind of sense from a promotional aspect without there being spoilers to IW, because of the way IW ended.

There are absolutely NO remarks or references to who has or hasn't seen IW!

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