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Originally Posted by fivebyfive View Post
What a load of crap, Also I never said I hated the ended, just disappointed how rushed it was. Also I'm not trying to ruin for everyone else
Yes sorry didn't mean to suggest you were. I should have worded my post much better. I reacted because of other things I've read descended into endless memes and links to nonsense articles which killed all reasonable discussion, which obviously wasn't your intention.

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It would have been more ballsy if the dragon had blasted Jon in its rage (knowing he wouldn't die) and then flown off with the 2 of them.

Or ... if Dany had sat on the throne, only to have Arya stick her needle through the back of the throne, into her (the way the camera panned round, I actually wondered if anyone was hiding back there).

Or, winding back a bit ... Tyrion knows he's on death row, so voluntarily gives up his face for Arya to use in a stealth attack on Dany ... would have been pretty awesome, and very GOT (I read that idea somewhere).

Also, I stumbled across these well-written Forbes articles from 2017 (start of S7) which are not nonsense articles and actually add to the discussion >>
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See that being the rightful heir or whatever Jon Snow was never really went anywhere did it? Hopefully that'll get fleshed out in the books
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It served as a plot device to isolate Danny and drive her over the edge, and also to get him past the final boss without getting burn to a crisp (best dialogue tree tracking ever since the ones to let you stop the Geth war in Mass Effect 3!).
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Finally watched all the finale. Underwhelming, more of an epilogue than a big finish.
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Originally Posted by Boink! View Post
Finally watched all the finale. Underwhelming, more of an epilogue than a big finish.
couldn't have put it better myself to be honest.

Started to feel like the end of lord of the rings where you start to think ok, it's going to end now.... oh wait, it's going to end now... no wait, maybe now....

To be honest I'd have preferred to watch an entire episode of the council (tyrion, bron, brienne, davos and sam) sitting around getting witty with the bants and them just referencing what happened
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