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Keyboard/Mouse Combo for HTPC


Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a mouse & keyboard combo for my HTPc that has now been stowed away under the couch rendering my wired ones defunct.

Was looking at getting the Lenovo N5901 ass the DiNovo mini seems way overpriced but wondered if anyone had other recommendations?

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As it's for a HTPC I'd do away with the mouse and go for something like this -




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I have the keysonic one and it works perfectly.

Had it working for a few years now on my HTPC.
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Me too, from ebuyer as well I think - had it for a good few years and it's brilliant, I use it on my server (which is upstairs) in a cupboard.
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Got one of these direct from Logitech the other month:
Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

Perfect size for use from the sofa and includes a unified receiver so you can also pair a proper mouse for when it is needed.

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Don't know if you've got an iPad, if you have the constellation app works well.
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