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[DVD Video Review] Alien vs Ninja

Comments attached to the DVD Video Review 'Alien vs Ninja' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Like a present you've always longed for only to realise you never wanted it, Alien Vs Ninja is here......

Click here to read!
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John dear, I understand you didn't like the film, but don't you think a review site should provide a little bit more mature reviews? That text is a joke that shouldn't even pass for an IMDb user comment.

In case of AvN there would be much to talk about, it being the 1st (or 2nd, depends on how you count it) production by Sushi Typhoon, Nikkatsu's new label to produce "good movies only" for mainly foreign audiences. AvN, too, has been a blast world wide, yet it doesn't even have a Japanese release date yet. Japan doesn't have much genre film audience nowadays, with films like Mutant Girls Squad (the other 1st / 2nd Sushi film) skipping entire islands (Hokkaido) yet playing in small European countries for enthusiastic audiences.

The film definitely has its flaws - Japan's official 'low budget period action' director Seiji Chiba hasn't shown much technical progress along the years. Here he benefits from having two of Japan's most interesting action choreographers, Yuuji Shimomura (Versus, Death Trance) and Kensuke Sonomura (who choreographed the best Japanese action film of the past 20 years, Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle) on board, as well as actors who started as stuntmen (Masanori Mimoto and Mika Hijii) rather than idols like most Japanese action films nowadays. There's too much comedy in the fights, yes, but also plenty of insane imagination. You need a lot of fingers to count all the "classic" scenes in AvN.

The digital cinematography looked poor on theater screen for sure, however that didn't stop the film from receiving 5 or 6 applauses along the way. Rarely have I seen a packed theater having this much fun... not since Sachiko Hanai some 5 years ago. Although it must be admitted that all the comedy characters in the film would even make 1980's Hong Kong audiences shake their heads in disbelief...

It's also notable that AvN is not a bloody film as compared to Nishimura and pals' output. The old school special effects are quite lovely and hilarious, with an occasional silly CG effect thrown in for laughs.

Let's hope Chiba improves his direction as he has already finished his next film, the female ninja actioner Kunoichi, starring karate idol Rina Takeda and choreographed by Sonomura. As cool as AvN is, I kinda feel it turned out great not because of, but despete the director.
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Hmmm. I wonder if this is a so-bad-its-great film though? Like 9 Deaths of the Ninja?

If its one of those unintentionally funny films it might be worth watching!
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