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Ayone have a Netgear NeoTV. Ideally comparison against Netgear EVA wanted

I bought an EVA 8000 when they first came out and whilst it was one of the better bits of H/W on the market I became very annoyed with it and hardly use it.

Principle annoyance was that the DVD menus did not seem to work and the navigation of a DVD was really slow, dispite being connected via ethernet.

Is the Neo 550 a big improvement or not really ? Also can you attach an external USB DVD drive onto the Neo?
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I've got one of each of the NeoTV350 and NeoTV550's

Unfortunately I don't have an experience with their earlier offerings, but I have experience with other streamers, PC streaming etc.

The NTV550, which I bought for our living room is great - the interface is polished and is the most "missus friendly" of all of the media streamers I've used to date. It helps that with the "movie wall", you can use disc covers to help choose the disc / file you want to play. Other than a modest music selection, I only use it to stream dvds. The majority of these are full fat DVD ISOs, no shrinking or messing about. I've not once come across problems navigating or playing one yet. There have been a number of firmware versions and they are gradually ironing out bugs - most appear to be associated with BD rips, the HD audio codecs and to some extent auto-frame rate adjustments. The latest beta 3.0.293 appears stable. You can attach USB drives to the front or rear - you can also use the SD card slot or E-Sata port. Unlike the WD TV Live, the network sharing side of things seems stable, although I think all manufacturer's have had some issues with W7 and odd things like Windows Live Essentials causing problems.

The NTV350 is similar in design, but smaller - no E-Sata connection. The biggest difference is the chipset and software is different. Whereas the 550 is swanky, with the movie wall etc, the 350 is a straightforward folder browser. It behaves in much the same way as the Asus O'Play! and the AC Ryan I believe. Accessing network shares isn't as swish as the 550 - you can save a shortcut to a PC which is sharing, but you have to navigate through the folders from there - the 550, in comparison, lists the individual shared folders in the root menu. When I tried the Asus, O'Play!, other non-shared drives were visible, which made it look messy - the Netgear sticks to just the shared ones, which is ideal.

For playing and navigating large music collections, the 550 is leagues ahead of the 350. You can search quickly by typing the first few letters of an album, artist, track. Selecting artists etc can be done on the 350 is done by scrolling, which can be tedious.

It is worth noting that the two units have different remote controls - the 550 has a nice shiny dvd style remote with lots of buttons, numeric keys, buttons for screen size, audio, subs etc. The 350 has a stumpy remote which although it is well thought out, still lacks alpha-numeric keys and the majority of the short-cut keys.

Hope this helps.

I'd recommend having a look here, also.

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In case any one else is looking for this info, I managed to get a Neo at a reasonable price so can report back initial impressions.

Neo is much much faster
DVD navigation is significantly improved.

To me this is what the first generation media servers should have been like, rather than it taking three iterations.

Having some issues with the movie wall but expect that's user error.
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