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[News] Tron: Legacy (UK) in April

Comments attached to the News 'Tron: Legacy (UK) in April' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Disney have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Tron: Legacy on 18th April 2011. Last year’s sequel to the 1982 cult classic will be available on Disney 3D Super Play, Blu-ray Double Play and standard DVD.

Blu-ray Bonus Features
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At least you get something moderately worthwhile for your money with that Play.com limited edition, unlike the even-pricier Avatar one. (Not necessarily £69.99 worthwhile, but, by comparison, better.)
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The PLAY exclusive is vastly overpriced - you are paying about 53 quid more than the blu-ray 2 pack for little more than a soundtrack, graphic novel, art cards and a crap cardboard box. All of which must be worth a total of 20 quid themselves?!?!? Compared the the superior US 5 disc edition with replica light disc it just takes the *****.
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I agree with Woozy, I'm in no rush to buy these films; can't see Tron standing up too well on BR but would love to be surprised and Legacy wasn't good enough to make it a day 1 purchase however IF I was and wanted to get the limited set I'd be extremely annoyed that it's just a standard 1 disc edition, they should have at least stuck the double play but to make it a decent collector's set gone all out with the 3D super play, anyone willing to part with that much cash for it is a big fan and deserves to get the best edition.
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I guess Disney did not revealed the specs ? (to know if the french is on the disc or not for Tron 1 & 2 ?)

Thanks :)
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For those of you that has to have every bit of Tron merch going. How about this...

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