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[Cinema Review] Mr. Nice

Comments attached to the Cinema Review 'Mr. Nice' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Rhys Ifans stars as hash smuggler Howard Marks in a funny and unusual biopic from Immortal Beloved director Bernard Rose....

Click here to read!
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One wonders if Ifans is only choosing these type of roles so he can wear a syrup as to hide his shine? The last something so absurd was seen on a noggin was season one of Lost...
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Only just watched this, and was very dissapointed. The book was a brilliant piece of work, I felt the film just didn't even scrape the surface. So many details I considered important were missing, the whole thing seemed really flat. Ifans played a good part, but I just felt the part was flawed. Wish I hadn't watched it TBH, although I guess if you've not read the book it'd be enjoyable.
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