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Channel 4 at 25

Retro look at Channel 4 Twenty Five years on. (More 4)
Absolutely fantastic memories





Micheal Grade

Damned in the USA

Right to Reply

Lots of stuff comin up including the 1st nights Brookside tomorrow night

Jebus -> it was bloody dull befour Ch4 started.

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Don't forget the red triangle programmes - always worth watching!

Blimey, 25 years! Makes me feel old... I remember when it started.
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Originally Posted by johnsy View Post
Blimey, 25 years! Makes me feel old... I remember when it started.
It can't be that long ago. 25 years. Surely not? That said, everyone who was born in the 1980's will be at least 18 this year

I assume "The Word" will be shown at some point too.
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Brookie is on
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