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Originally Posted by Andrew70 View Post
I predict MPW fronting an ad campaign for Worcester Sauce before the year is out.
Lea & Perrins must love him.

(It was great to see a top chef not being precious about things like this and just admitting that he uses it because he likes the taste.)
Not quite, but I did see an advert for MPW cookware coming soon to QVC last night. Perhaps Celeb Hell's kitchen was also an add campaign for the MPW brand, cheaper to do and more air time.

I can't see your average buyer wanting MPW cookware more than two weeks ago so he's done a good job.
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Originally Posted by Nana View Post
The only thing that annoys me about the programme now is how they take good, OTT comments as gospel and dismiss criticisms. In my book if you want the praise you have to listen to the complaints, even if they're not what you want to hear.
Nail on the head

Except, it isn't this prog. specifically, it is the age we live in...the tabloid "exception, not rule" age, where you are a homophobe, a racist, a paedophile...yet no one questions why. Thus reinforcing these attitudes rather than confronting them & helping to eradicate them.

The mass media is like the police force...it encourages what it appears to condemn, where are coppers without crime & where is the mass media without the controversy they intentionally court?

Davidson is INVITED to be offensive...just as Alan Titchmarsh invites John McCririck & Carol Thatcher to be the reactionary dummies they are...all lies.

The media is little more than a cesspit.

Pierre White...overweight, opinionated, animal killing fantasy figure for Fern ("I'm a real woman cos I'm obese, even though I'm a failed actress-turned regional tv news caster-turned tv presenter-that USED to be slim, but I'm now bitter because I failed to become an actress & put on stones of blubber..therefore any man who is overweight constitutes a "real man" in my jaundiced eyes") Britton always has the last word....until the last few days of the show where the "raw recruits" are seen to be "successes" thanks to Pierre White.

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Originally Posted by Jimmyboy View Post
Got to admit the show sizzled out after Davidson left. Personality clashes tend to be what make these shows and I guess everyone else is a little too passive.
I turned off after Davidson left.

Which strikes me as odd in some respects as he is a Tory, Thatcher loving, racist, armed forces worshipping, wife beating ****.

...And yet...he was honest, he spoke his mind.

Give me Davidson over Dowling anyday...Davidson is real, Dowling is a walking hissy fit...the others were just tv ready & spineless.
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