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Iceland Online Shopping - Impressed!

Just interested if anyone else has used them, 'cos I've just had my first order from them delivered and am very happy with the service. Free shipping if over £40 and they substitute items for one of a greater value if the one you picked isn't in stock.

For example; I ordered 4 x Cans of Solstice but received 4 x 1ltr bottles of Lucozade instead since they were out of stock. Loads of other substitutions all in my favour too!

Took about 25 minutes online to complete my order, but that was whilst browsing too. It would have taken me that long if I'd actually visited the store, but this way, I don;t have to get off my lazy arse. Delivery was smack bang on time (picked 18:00 - 20:00 slot and it arrived at 18:05) and all in all, I'm well chuffed. Recommended.
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I've ordered from them a couple of times, too.

Very impressive service. Delivery was smack on, and the bloke delivering it was very friendly and helpful. Can't fault them.

Only problem is, my local shop is really small and only sells frozen foods (and milk etc). :/
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Yep no complaints from me - handy tip use the home shopping catalogue to pre-select all the BOGOF and half price offers then just enter the catalogue codes in the search box, cuts down the shopping time drastically and u save a fortune... last shop I 'saved' £28 in special offer discounts!!! My store do occasionally ( like every other week ) make mistakes but have always been very good at rectifying them
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Thumbs up

Shopping on the Internet @ Iceland is superb. Both offers and service are second to none. I've ordered loads of times over the past 12+ months. The food's not bad either.

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I have to agree, I've used them a a couple of times in the pat, and have been impressed. But I will not be using them any more I would if I could, but I have moved a couple of miles, and they say they dont deliver to my post-code area

Still Tesco's still deliver, but there are some things Iceland are better/cheaper for than Tesco's.:rolleyes:
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So what supermarkets charge for internet shopping. I was put off by having to pay a fiver you placed an order. Are there any other free ones apart from Iceland.

P.S. What is the fruit/veg/fresh stuff like at Iceland?
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I wouldn't worry about the £5 delivery charge. For some inexplicable reason if we shop on line the bill is around £50 and if we go into the shop it's £100. Even stranger I don't miss whatever it is that makes up the difference

I've used Sainsbury's a few times and they've been fine. One error was corrected by both allowing me to keep the item in question and credit back the price.
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