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Which mp3 player has best sound quality?

I want to know what you guys consider which mp3 player has the best sound quality, regaurdless of price, but it must be Disk based
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That would rely mainly on the encoding of your files and the headphones you use in my experience. Saying that, the Archos and Creative players have good EQ settings.
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I wouldn't buy any an IPOD for sounds quality
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In my opinion the (sadly) defunct Rio Karma had about the best sound quality of all the MP3 players I audited last year. they still pop up occasionally as factory refurbs - I like mine so much I am thinking of buying another one for spares.
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As Dave said, ditch the supplied speakers and you should find any player substantially improved. Also I'd agree with him about the Archos and Creative Labs players. I've found the sound on the Archos and Creative Labs players to be better than the Ipod. More refined, dynamic and open with better midrange. The Ipod tends to sound more 'punchy' though (applies more to the Nano rather than the regular Ipod) which some people like but it isn't so accurate. It's difficult to pick a 'best' though.

I've found encoding mp3's using VBR to be a good balance between size and quality.


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I bagged a used Rio Karma cheap on eBay (£55) - needed a replacement battery (£10) due to a swollen original (causing a buzzing hard drive), but this thing is the best portable player I've ever owned. The sound quality is awesome, it handles FLAC and OGG without any hassle, has great EQ settings which are customisable and, most importantly, it manages to handle gapless playback, useful as I listen to a lot of live material and mix stuff - read it and weep iPodders. Plus it tells the time, has a built in DJ who plays random tracks from specific decades, or plays ones you haven't heard in ages, or play often...

IN addition the Rio Music Manager is a doddle to use, miles easier than 'take over the world' evilness of iTunes.

Oh and it can act as a portable 20GB hard drive too, and the battery life is above average (14 ish hours).

Shame Rio is no more

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