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The Prisoner question

From "The AV Forums", The Prisoner box set at HMV, £29.99. HMV exclusive digipac, difficult to see what differences (if any) there are from amaray boxset. Anyone have any first-hand knowledge - is this the one to go for?

The Prisoner

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There is supposedly going to be a set produced by Network at some point, which potentially might have better transfers and more extras, but I don't think there's any more info at the moment (although hopefully somone will prove me wrong!). Might be worth waiting for that, although I've been quite happy with my Carlton boxset.
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Saw this myself and according to HMV's site it's a 6 disc set compared to a 5 disc as Play advertise for the older more expensive set, and appears to have more extras. Exclusive to HMV though.

Much cheaper anyway. Sure I saw it in-store for about £25.
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