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PS2 games for 7 year olds...


My twins are finally getting a PS2 (he, I got a second hand one dirt cheap). As we already own an XBox, I'm looking to get them games suited to their age and that would be exclusives to the PS2. If I have to go multiformat, I'll generally prefer the XBox version, unless there is good reason not to.

Problem is: I really haven't kept up at all with kids games on the PS2. I know; shame on me.

So would parents and big kids alike recommend a few that you think are the best kids' games on the PS2? They don't have to be new games. "Classics" will work fine, obviously.

Their favourite games on the XBox right now are Lego Star Wars and the Disney Skating one. They play some others but not as assiduously. This is a chance to broaden their gaming horizons though.

Many thanks,

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Katamari Damacy..

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Eyetoy and all the associated games.
Ratchet and Clank platformer series.
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Mashed: Fully Loaded on Xbox or PS2 (Play.com have it cheap), don't get the first Mashed as it's the same game with less features.

Kung Fu Chaos (has the bast word in there once on a title of one of the games) on Xbox, great fun party game.

Fuzion Frenzy is fairly cheap and on Xbox too.

Singstar Party is Ł14 in the bargain forum with microphones, awesome fun on PS2!
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