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Comps just so slow - not sure why?


My computer has been running pretty slowly for about a year but lately its excrucuating. I've just run 2 virus checkers - F Prot and avast which found some but i believe they're now deleted. Ive run spybot and i defragged a month back to no avail. What could be causing it and is there anything else to do to speed it up?

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Try more ad/spyware programmes for a starter.

Try This:
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Could just be time for a reformat to clear out all the rubbish left behind from installed/uninstalled programs although you could try a registry cleane first.
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whats running in the background ?

if your running windows me like i am just press control alt del and a list of programs that are running will appear

am not sure about xp but there should be an equivilant to the start menu programs folder

do you have loads of programs running in the bottom right hand of your screen? do you have a 'quick start' programs ? change their settings so that the ones you dont need will not start whenever windows is started

as said above - it could just be that your system has become so clogged up with rubbish it needs a good clean

also , as said above, you could be infected with some kind of bug - run all your anti virus software
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It must be a bug but i've deleted everything found. I've had a virus for ages which causes start up to take a while which no virus checker (i've tried about 5) ever got rid off but the PC was fine once start up was done.
Whats a registry clean? I'm just about to try 'free up your hard disk' on control panel - performance.
Yeah it is XP. Thanks for replies
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Try this article - definitely worthwhile doing the Bootvis procedure, and running CC cleaner.

Also strongly recommend checking what programs (services) are running in the background, and at start up - chances are you have loads of rubbish that simply isn't needed - see here for the best guide on the internet for configuring background services.

I'd also recommend getting hold of Win Patrol too - this gives you much more info than msconfig.exe and also tells you what programs are launched at start up.

I have tweaked my mega-slow 600MHz Celeron from a 5 minute (really) boot up into a 2 minute mean machine (and still trying to strip out some more time) during the course of today, and have just three start up programs (Win Patrol, Zone Alarm, AVG), and 25 background services running

Firstly I did a spyware sweep with AdAware and Spybot
Then I did a CC Clean (got rid of loads of dead files - remember to back up - worth running a few times as well - first time around didn't clear it all)
Then went through the Add/Remove Programs and offloaded a load of stuff
Also went through Zone Alarm to remove dead programs from the program control list
Then I did a Diskeeper Lite defrag
Then I ran Bootvis
Then spent the rest of the day sorting out what services were non-essential, and sorting out start up programs

Wiped out 3 mins of the boot up time, but want to try to get it to a minute or 90 seconds, so will be focussing on more things tomorrow

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