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Morecambe and Wise ... deja vu ??

Hi all,

I am convinced I didn't imagine this over the weekend ...

On Boxing Day morning, the Beeb showed a M&W Christmas Show. One of the sketches involved Elton John playing the piano while Ernie tried to get Eric singing the correct lines of a song. No problem - very funny sketch IMO.

On Monday night, C5 showed a different M&W Christmas show. This show included the same sketch - word for word - but with Peter Skellern at the piano instead of Elton John.

So, my question is ... did Morecambe and Wise do this sort of thing often in their Christmas shows ? Or was it "regular" thing with just this one particular sketch ?


Adam Brunt
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you were drunk! forget about it and it'll be fine

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Bon viveur
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Many gags from the BBC shows were um, reimagined, for the later ITV shows.
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Jesus, that ITV show was tragic. Did the BBC copyright the title "Morecambe & Wise" or something or was "Eric & Ernie" ITV’s lame 1980’s attempt at re-branding?

If one were of a cynical frame of mind one would say that the Beeb scheduled that exact episode on purpose to show how shoddy the ITV one was.
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Yes, the piano gag was re-cycled for the BBC, plus the custard pie gag on the Thames show was repeated, that was done previously on a BBC show I think you will find, regretfully they did this a lot in their latter years.
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