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Question Are the "Owning Mahowny", "Elephant" and "21 Grams" DVDs subtitled in english?

Play.com doesn't list subtitles for these DVDs - well, sometimes they are wrong:

Elephant ( http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page...1521&p=57&g=72 )

21 Grams ( http://www.play.com/play247.asp?sear...o.x=12&Go.y=22 )

Owning Mahowny ( http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page...4757&p=57&g=72 )
Thanks in advance!

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ian turner
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try checking rewind for such details.
Note that 21 grams is for hard of hearing and elephant certainly is for all other regions (though no comment on an R2 UK release)
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Guest 67
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I haven't watched it for a while but I'm sure there are no subtitles for the UK release of Elephant.
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Guest 3096
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Elephant - There are no subtitles.
21 Grams - Subtitles avaliable.

Have you tried this Site?

Kind Regards

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