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Brett Ratner's at it again...

Not content with acting like a little Hitler on the Superman franchise, Brett now wants to wreck this one.

From Dark Horizons:
His Dark Materials: Sci-Fi Wire talked with Director Brett Ratner who revealed he's very keen on helming New Line's upcoming adaptation of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy which playwright Tom Stoppard is turning into a script. The fantasy tale follows a young girl who meets the likes of witches and talking bears whilst trying to rescue her best friend, Ratner says "There's not even a script, so it's a ways away, but New Line, the studio that I'm in business with, is developing it. I'm just hopeful".
Er, Brett, this needs someone with an imagination, not someone who can point a camera and say action.
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OK, sure, we've seen little or no evidence that Brett Ratner is an overly creative, original and/or visionary director but hes still young and relatively experienced and in his defence I thought Rush Hour 1 and 2 were both really good films, well above average blockbusters. I also thoroughly enjoyed Red Dragon which, in my opinion, was an improvement on Hannibal. Sure he's doing himself no favours by cashing in on the success of the Rush Hour franchise and making a third but I still don't think thats cause for 'Ratner bashing' - give him a chance I say!
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whilst i am sceptical about ratner being able to pull this off, i also recall being very very sceptical about peter jackson with lord of the rings because the films i had seen of his were bad taste etc, so i was shocked that he was making the films.

i was wrong.

i enjoyed rush hour 1 and 2, i have heard red dragon is better than hannibal, so i don't think its right to throw some 'hack for hire' type label at him.

as for the whole superman debacle, there are more deserving targets for your vitriol than ratner.
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