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Thumbs up Possible-Spider Man II Casting

Stellan Skarsgard as Doctor Octopus? Good call if its true IMO.

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Agreed, it's spot on - and I hadn't thought of him. I was thinking of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I knew he was just too young.
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But he looks nothing like Doc Ock!!! etc. etc. etc.

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Last i read sam Neil was up for Doc Ock.

All good choices and a million times more preferable than James Cameron's idea of casting Arnie.
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A villain who is a decent actor (like Willem Dafoe) makes such a difference. Arnie would be as dire as he was in Batman Forever.
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latest news


On Wednesday we recieved word from a scooper who claimed that actor Stellan Skarsgård had been approached for the role of Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2. The scooper also said that filming was to start in January in California, New York and France. And finally, that same scooper mentioned that Curt Connors would have a smaller role and not appear as the Lizard.

How much can change in one day? Last night our sister site, Comingsoon.net, learned that Stellan has replaced Liam Neeson as Father Merrin in the upcoming "Exorcist" prequel, which he will be filming from November to February.

This set off an alarm here at The Hype!. We contacted Stellan's official website to see if we could get a word from the man himself on the Doc Ock rumor. He contacted us today saying there's "no truth to the rumor yet". So, he has not been approached for the role, but could possibly be interested if he was.

Also, in light of these developments - you can probably throw out the window our scooper's word about filming in France and that Curt Connors would have just a small role and not appear as the Lizard.

Stay tuned for more possible contenders for Doc Ock here at SHH!...
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