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Media streaming help

Hello learned ones....
I'll explain best I can what I want to do. I have an extensive film and music collection in an external hard drive, which at present is plugged into a WD Live media player, and not plugged into a PC. I have a wireless router with wireless Homeplugs attached to supply internet around my house, this works well, just got to connect to the best signal depending on where you are in the house. I am going to invest in a wireless external hard drive so the kids can access all the films and music we have without plugging into pc or tablets and copying files etc. What I want to know is, if I buy a wireless hard drive, connect it through an Ethernet cable to my router which is right next to it and share my files, what will my android gadgets, phones and tablets connect to, to wirelessly gain access to the files? A wireless signal that emits from my router and thus all the Homeplugs? Or a signal that only emits from the wireless hard drive? Which to be honest wouldn't be good enough as it's a large house, and that explains my Homeplug use.

Clear as mud.....cheers in advance for your help

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