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Recommend me a new wireless media player please!

I've been using a D-Link DSM 320 for years to play xvid video from an XP box on my home network running TVersity but need to upgrade to something wireless (the D-Link only supports wep).

I don't really know what to expect from modern media players but here's a list of features that would be nice to have.

Browse network without having to run something at the streaming machine (not essential).
Remote control from Android phone/tablet.
Play ISO files of DVDs so you have all menus, extras etc..
BBC iPlayer and other catchup TV.
Youtube, facebook, and other internet content.

I don't play games but have thought about getting an xbox360, and have also looked at a Roku player that Maplin do, and the WD devices. I've also considered getting a BluRay with internet support. Looking for some advice from experinced users, have upto Ł100 to play with.


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somthing running xbmc would tick all the boxes. Can probably pick up an old pc for 100 sheets, or if you are lucky a second hand acer revo or something...
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One thing I would mention is that you may find that wireless does not work as well as you hoped depending upon what you're trying to stream, thickness of walls etc.

A lot of media streamers don't offer full menu support for DVD ISO images. They will play them, but the menu doesn't work other than to play the film, select language etc.

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Not a movie snob!
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Re: Recommend me a new wireless media player please!

I went for the wd tv live in the end, really pleased so far though I still have loads of functions to play with.
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We've got WDTV Lives around the house and they are great little boxes for the cash.. wish there was a way of disabling the file menu options like 'DELETE' from the machine itself though so I could enable the scraper media library options without worrying about the kids deleting the lot by mistake..!!

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