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Question Help With Home Streaming!

Hi All
Firstly Hello I am new to the site, and new to all the network streaming stuff so wondered if you can help me out

I have got the Following TVs
SONY TV with Network Capabilities - In Lounge
1 x Standard LCD TV No Network Capabilities - In Bedroom 1
1 x Standard LCD TV No Network Capabilities - In Bedroom 2

I have recently Ordered an ASUS O!Play HD2 so I can load all music and Movies onto this how is the best way to set this up?

What I want to do is get all Movies and Music from the O!Play HD2 Working in all 3 Rooms will it Work If I do The Following as per diagram below in the link?.

Will the SONY TV pick up the files off the HD2 by using its own network card rather than using another Asus unit? and also would the HDP-R1 find the files ok?

Many Thanks
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*Note - I could be wrong.

The problem with that is the Asus is not just streaming the files, it's decoding and playing them.

Are the other TV's capable of playing the various formats the oPlay is?

Otherwise it's a NAS or server you need to centrally store all the data and then a media player hooked up to each TV.
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I think the HD2 can act as a media server (share files to other machines / players). I would install the HD2 and see what the settings are to set up that side of things. Once the HD2 is set up and running, the asus R1 should be able to see it. I don't know whether the Sony TV will see it though - you could try I guess.
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