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[Blu-Ray News] Arthur & Mortal Kombat Blu-rays

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray News 'Arthur & Mortal Kombat Blu-rays' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

A strange combo for a news story you might think, but these US Blu-rays from Warner Home Video are both tie-in releases…

Arriving on 5th April 2011 is a Blu-ray Double Feature coupling Arthur and its sequel Arthur 2: On the Rocks. These eighties rom-coms starring Dudley Moore and L...

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I own ‘Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins’ on VHS. Its traditional animation with some at the time fancy CGI bits thrown in. I suspect they look awful now. Its about 20 min or so and it is a kind of lead into the first film. At the end of the animation was a epk for Mortal Kombat and some kombat codes for the then new Mortal Kombat 3. I never thought Id see it on blu-ray as it wasnt on the old dvd. Ive not watched my VHS in years but remember the short being ok for what it is. Was a bit of a rip off at the time though. Ł10.99 for an advert for the film really. I was expecting an full length film like the then new Street Fighter 2 anime.

Still a must own this for me as I have never seen the uncut MK 1 and 2 films.
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added the MK art and av specs.
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