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Primeval Season 4

Hi guys just wanted to ask what you thought of the new season of Primeval, Am very glad ITV has brought it back good to see the old cast aswell!
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Glad to see Boots had a store back in the Cretacious period? to provide all of Hannah's hair and make-up needs
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Just finished watching it and thought it was a good opening episode, rook on tomorrow night and remember there are 5 webisodes online.

Oh and loved the S Club song coming on when Abby turned on the speaker system lol
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Thought it was fairly ordinary - no better or worse than the previous incarnation. The characters that were annoying last time are still annoying and the new ones are a bit of an unknown quantity but it's not looking good for a couple of them. Wasn't exactly slitting wrists when it got cancelled so i'm watching more out of curiosity and lack of anything else to watch rather than a burning need to see what they are doing with the series. Will see how they go from here onwards.
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Is it just me or is Hannah Spearritt looking ever hotter is this series
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I thought it was ok and the only reason I'm glad they brought it back was because it ended on a cliffhanger. If we get a decent story arc it might turn out to be very good but like others I'm watching for the sake of it really.
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Loco I love it

Far better than Torchwood and more real world than Doctor who Primeval is a fantastic series and it is a welcome relief to see it back again. Sofar the fourth series has been very good and the acting and story are as good as ever. The FX are as good as any other series I have sen and it is great that ITV have brought it back
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