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Scrooge and the error of his ways....

Watched a bit of the b&w version that had been garishly colourised and got thinking.
When the Ghost of Xmas Future showed Scrooge all the people who pretty much robbed his still warm corpse, why did he chose to love Xmas and reward those very people?
Surely he could have balanced things out nicely by helping out Tiny Tim and Bob Crachett whilst at the same time wreaking vengeance on those who stole from him? I would of
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They only done that because he had treated them so badly in life that they "got their own back" in his death.

When he has seen the errors of his way, he helps them as well because otherwise they would continue to struggle in their future and to make up for how bad he had treated them.

Or sumfink.
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Revenge for something yet to happen?

He changed his ways in order to change the future
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