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Goin' Home to Satan
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I remember it well too.

Dunno where everyone else lives but it was 1978 by the time it made it up here.

I was 11. I went with my dad and brother. We sat in the front row of the balcony. My brother sat on my dads knee and I stood up, leaning on the edge of the balcony as I was too little to see over the top of it.

Back then you never got 6 foot 11 year olds with beards... like these days
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now with added cymbals
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Originally Posted by ShawnDuHast View Post
That deleted scene with the light sabre, very surprised that was not put back in for the SE's in 2004?
That 'deleted scene' hadn't even been filmed then
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Having looked at it more closely and bearing in mind Hamils comments I am of the same opinion...

Luca$ has no shame nor skill it would seem.
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Binks in Blu-ray?!? Not in my house, dammit!
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I don't know how many editions you say you have of the saga.I bought the trilogy in dvd & just the seperate releases of the new trilogy. Here noone ever bought movies in vhs. DVD started all here. He should put the theatrical releases for purist and collector reasons. It whould cost too much is naive answer for me. And I'm ****** off. I like the new editions more than the old 1s, but I DEMAND the theatrical too. Not only becouse is my favorite movies of all time but becouse, mostly, Mr. Lukas removed James Earl Jones voice in empire strikes back, from "bring my suttle" to "prepare the suttle for my arrival" without using the actor's voice, but else!?!?!? WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Is the only thing I HATE in the new cuts.
And yes when I heard they are comming in BD I was excited like a little kid. I can't wait. oh and Mr. Lukas?
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Originally posted by JimdiGrizYou couldnt be less excited about this so you decided to post this to tell us you couldnt be less excited - hmmm yes that makes sense...Looking forward to this box-set of course! I dont care about seeing the original ones, overall the newer ones were better anyway. (who cares about han solo shooting first etc, I care more about the ships looking better. Mind you, that Han Sola/Jabba extra bit was a mistake and I hope they tidy that up or delete it).And yes, I can remember watching the first one in the cinema on release in 1977 - just!
It's sad because a cultural phenomena like Star Wars SHOULD get someone like me excited, but because of Lucas' infernal stubborness in regards to the original versions, I just don't care. I'm a film purist and until he starts treating the original theatrical versions with the respect they deserve, Lucas can shove his fancy CGI-vomit creations of his right up where the sun doesn't shine.
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Sorry, will skip this release (have no interest whatsoever in the second trilogy either). I'm sticking with the last release which included the original cuts of the first trilogy. Lucas needs to stop with releasing never editions of the movies and give us the original versions no matter the cost.
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Its great that the "George Lucas raped my childhood" folks can now complain again, i guess it's been far too long and now they can thankfully spend the rest of this year and most of next year moaning about these movies and how bad the prequels are.

For me i'll just enjoy them.

Having said that, the cost of restoration of the original trilogy is likely $1.5 million dollars per film, maybe a little more, ok lets say a grand total of $6 million bucks, thats nothing, now where do i get that figure from, well the cost of restoring an old classic like The Alamo is $1.5m dollars, thus i reckon the ballpark figure should be within half a million of that for the original trilogy. George should do it and give the fans something and make it the ultimate collectors boxset, use the original blow up 70mm soundtrack for the blu ray releases as well as 2.0 channel sound.

My gripes i guess with the original trilogy new editions are:

Greedo shooting first and the unnecessary scene of Jabba, they should have that as a deleted scene only.

The final battle scenes and the music cue on the death star attack has been lessened, hopefully they will fix that.

In The Empire Strikes Back i also dislike the shuttle speech but i dislike more the fact the once menacing Boba Fett has been replaced by an Aussie voice ( yes i know why they did it but i'd rather they replace the aussie actors voice in the prequels )

Thats the only real gripes i have but i can live with them, altough the Boba Fett voice change is very annoying and i feel it doesn't work so well.

I just hope they do not remix The Phantom Menace soundtrack to come into line with the other prequels, that soundtrack has amazing tight strong bass, i hope they do not lessen that, the prequels that followed progressively got worse in the sound department when compared to The Phantom Menace, keeping my fingers crossed they don't alter that one's sound and diminish it.
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Won't be buying it. I've heard Han's pistol has been changed to a silver Desert Eagle with "H.S" engraved on the butt and some of the light sabres have been modified to look more like samurai swords with jewel-encrusted handles. I may as well wait for the holographic versions due out around 2020. God knows what they'll look like.
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yes but i bet most of you will still buy it/rent just to see!
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