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The Michael Palin Collection

Wondered if anyone had this collection and opinions/wether its worth 52quid etc?

I have always been a fan of Palin's stuff, and wouldn't mind getting them.

Is this basically all his best traveling work?

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I've been looking at getting it too, and I'd say it was the best you're gonna get - good value too, as the individual series seem to go for at least 15 squid
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I've got this set (different packaging though from an older release, but the content is the same) and understand it contains ALL his travel documentaries so far, excluding his latest 'New Europe' which is currently being show on TV and is due for DVD release seperately on 22 October. I found Hemmingway adventure a bit dull, and have not watched the railway journey yet. The rest of the programmes are amazing, with 80 days, pole to pole and full circle being particularly good as Palin's journey covers a lot of ground and experiences a more diverse range of cultures than in Himalaya and Sahara (although theses 2 series are still excellent to watch).

I you have enjoyed any of Palin's travel series you'll enjoy this boxset, and its only £46.95 delivered from dvd.co.uk

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